Mission & Vision

The main dream of every man on the earth that remains to this day is a dream about own square meters. Everyone wants to improve their housing situation! Good Life Consulting Ltd. thinks and cares about their partners. We have created (IREC) «International Real Estate Community» program, which is not even public corporation! We can confidently say that this is the first Fair Corporate housing program!

Partner who returned loan repayment and interest on the IREC «International Real Estate Community» program, gets a participation fee (35%) back in 5 years after the termination of the contract buyout. This feature allows everyone to receive the property even if their number will not grow.

Why you should choose us

We are aged and friendly staff, who help each other in difficult situations. You can always contact your consultant for any assistance at all stages.
IREC «International Real Estate Community» program was founded by professionals in financial marketing with more than 20 years of experience. Based on the German school, company took the best technology, best practices and all positive experience from hundreds of thousands consultants..
You will receive advance notice from the system about the need to make the next payment